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    Resin Polystone Origami Polygon Figure Statue

    Dec 14,2017 - polystone statue origami statue polygon figure polygon statue resin statue

    Inspire by the beauty of origami art and the natural animal figure ,combine traditional paper artwork and modern design style , the polygon statue came out with great look and extravagant elegance,and most importantly, the statue format make this beauty long last and fit for everywhere .

    What is origami statue ? Well,it looks like this:

    polygon figure

    Isn’t it coolLet’s find out more info of this product:


    It made of high quality resin polystone material, which is strong and durable.


    Multiple color options available, just open your mind and think,we can meet your stander by anyway, high glossy pop up style is popular by most customers, and with different color combination, the statue will be more vibrant and lively.


    Same like other resin crafts production, it came first with a prototype,you can offer us a photo or a real object, we will create a mold for it ,with the master mold ,we can copy from it and make different qty of the production silicone molds, for different production quantity,different mold qty is need ,too much will be a waste,but it will speed up the production speed, too small is a disaster ,some factory will reduce the production mold in order to save cost, it will slow the production timing and what’s worse, it will make the product quality ,because silicone old have its own life, after the certain qty, the mold will deform ,so as the product came from this mold will deform ,out of shape means reject product.

    So as smart as you are, choosing the right supplier like SUMMIT CRAFTS is a great choice .

    4,Package and Pack

    Each pieces are packed after careful inspection to make sure quality is good for customers. Our stander package way is export package with diecut polyfoam and inner carton box ,certain quantity into one master carton.Of course each box we used are strong enough for international shipping.For any custom package and special packing request, we will also meet your stander, to make customer satisfied is on details,we know it and we do it.

    You might think where is figure looks good to place ?

    Answer is everywhere.

    Check our customer’s feedback photo , you can imagine when you get this figure ,get on of these in your living room :

    customer feedback

    These polygon style figure is not only suitable for desk table decoration, it can also high light your wall !! We made wall mount style sculpture , if you are get tired of the old way wall decor ,then try with this polygon animal head wall decor, abstract type with art accent .Art is everywhere and not always luxury. Art Crafts should be affordable for all of us as everyone deserve a a better living way.

    polygon art _副本

    Only animal shape ?Don’t limit your mind,think wide ,you will find out that everything in our life can be created in polygon style , such as fruit,bust sculpture figure,flower and plants ect.

    summit crafts resin figure statue

    Keep following our facebook page and also our website here ,you can update with our latest new arrival and bring you new product idea .Summit Crafts will hold on to high quality resin piece production and provide great service to our worldwide customers.